An air duct cleaner shares the influence that pet contaminants have in your air ducts and allergies.

by far the most part, pets are excellent for your health. They’re able to make it easier to reduce your blood stress and stave off depression. But if a person within your household has allergies, pet dander demands to become managed. Frequent vacuuming and altering your furnace filters are two necessary step, but you might require to periodically have your air ducts cleaned too.

Aaron Garner, founder of Total Air Duct Cleaning, says one of the most frequent contaminants he finds in ducts are “construction debris, dust, dog and cat food, kitty litter and plenty of toys.” The Seattle air duct cleaner stated lots of older houses in his service region were constructed on pier-and-beam foundations with the ducts installed beneath the subfloor. Larger products generally discover their way in to the ducts by way of the floor vents. For those who can see those items any time you appear into your ducts, just picture the contaminants you cannot see.

In case you uncover pet food in the ducts, possibilities of pet contaminants, including dead flakes of skin, traces of pet saliva and urine have located their way into your ducts. Every single time the air conditioner or heater turns on, these contaminants are blown from the ducts and back out into your home, causing any one with pet allergies to begin to endure from symptoms, for instance sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes plus a runny nose. Thoroughly cleaning your house to eliminate contaminants from all areas can lessen the allergy symptoms brought on by pets.

Aaron suggests that cleaning your air ducts every two to four years and changing your air filters every single two and half months. Pick a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Worth (MERV) filter using a valve of 10 or larger to capture larger pet debris particulate ahead of it finds its technique to your ducts.